Moving tips

Remove clutter and make life easier. Let Shed Rent handle the details… forget the truck, forget unloading it into a traditional storage unit, forget loading it back up and driving to the desired location. Call Shed Rent, load up once and you’re done!

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Packing tips

Make a Plan. Look at the items you will be moving. Many find it helpful to list each item (or at least the major ones) on a piece of paper with measurements, (height, width, depth) and approximate weight. This will help ensure the correct number of Sheds are ordered.

Consider a yard sale or garage sale to eliminate useless or undesired items.
If there are items you’ve been thinking of giving some things away, now might be a good time!

Schedule your Move

Arrange for friends or movers to help as needed. Make note of special items, (i.e. pets, plants, food, valuable items, fragile items, medicines, important documents), to arrange special considerations.

Make a List

Inventory your items. This will help in the planning, and can also be important in the event of loss to provide to your insurance company.

Pack Your Things

Acquire packing supplies. (boxes, tape, packing peanuts, newspaper, markers for labeling boxes, moving blankets to protect furniture). Assemble tools. (screwdrivers to remove table legs, hammers to disassemble bed frames, etc.)

Moving Day

Lift with your legs, never with your back. If you are unsure about your physical capabilities, consult your physician first.

Loading tips

- Place heavier items under lighter ones.
- Don't over-pack boxes.
- Use packing peanuts/newspapers liberally to protect fragile items.
- Label all boxes with the room they will be moved to.
- Try to keep each box under forty pounds or so.
- Mark boxes with fragile items or especially heavy boxes.

Filling your Shed Rent Storage Container

- Start with the long, slim items. (table legs, bed frames, headboards) Place these along either wall.
- Larger, bulkier items should go in next. (dressers, chests, armoires, china cabinets, etc.)
- Fill in with boxes, heaviest first.
- Securely strap items to tie downs to stop shifting during transportation.